What to expect from Strata Conference 2015? An empirical outlook.

In one week, the 2015 edition of Strata Conference (or rather: Strata + Hadoop World) will open its doors to data scientists and big data practitioners from all over the world. What will be the most important big data technology trends for this year? As last year, I ran an analysis on the Strata abstract for 2015 and compared them to the previous years.

One thing immediately strikes: 2015 will be probably known as the “Spark Strata”:


If you compare mentions of the major programming languages in data science, there’s another interesting find: R seems to have a comeback and Python may be losing some of its momentum:


R is also among the rising topics if you look at the word frequencies for 2015 and 2014:


Now, let’s take a look at bigrams that have been gaining a lot of traction since the last Strata conference. From the following table, we could expect a lot more case studies than in the previous years:


This analysis has been done with IPython and Pandas. See the approach in this notebook.

Looking forward to meeting you all at Strata Conference next week! I’ll be around all three days and always in for a chat on data science.

1 thought on “What to expect from Strata Conference 2015? An empirical outlook.”

  1. Judging from other recent conferences, and in particular from Strata Barcelona, the center of gravity will fall to other topics. Use-cases: Ok, that’s a given. Nevertheless, Mesos has been talk of the town, Zeta-architecture, and everything you might call Hadoop 2.0.

    I think this is similar to CES, where the quantitative expectations had predicted a come back of TV sets, however all was about wearables in the end.

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