10 Petabytes of Culture at Archive.org

Archive.org celebrated their crossing the mark of 10 Petabytes data stored.[1] The non-profit organisation based in San Francisco, has been following its mission to archive the Internet and provide universal access to all knowledge since 1996.

The number of 1016 might look impressive (and if we remember typical server storage capacity 10 years ago it still is, to be honest) – however the daily amount of data processed by Google alone would be exceeding more than double of that – not speaking of several hundred Petabytes of images and video stored by Facebook and Youtube. So while the achievments of Archive.org in preservation of culture are unvaluable, the task of keeping track of the daily data deluge seams out of reach, at least for the time being. To cope with mankind’s data heritage will for sure become a fascinating challenge for bigdata.

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